We Make Things Happen for You.


President & Chief Problem Solver

A media, advertising, and public relations dynamo, with an experience that spans TIME Magazine, Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal and Edelman Public Relations, Suzy is the person you want on your team when you have a communications problem to solve; a brand to build or an organization to grow. 



Director of Project Management

Data driven and tech focused, Mina makes spreadsheets sing and projects run smoothly. She keeps Brand & Buzz and our clients informed on what investments will deliver ROI.  In addtion to project management, she has a special gift for social networking.



Graphic Design

Logos, graphics, advertising campaigns, web design, animated files? Medhi hasn't met a design he couldn't tackle. Best of all, based in Europe, he not only gets an early start on designs, he brings a fresh perspective to them. 

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Advertising & Sponsorships

Focusing on the association marketplace, Jane has worked with most of the biggest and most influential industries for over 30 years. Her advertising solutions have helped trade partners launch new publications and events. Sponsorships are her sweet spot. Specifically what will add the most value and revenue. 



Web Design

Adil & Bilal lead our web design team. Working overseas, they use the 24 hour day to their advantage, building while America is asleep. Design, build and hosting with a "yes, and" approach to solutions means success for our clients. 

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Graphic Design

Infographics, newsletters, and the ugliest PowerPoint presentations are transformed by Lydia. She simplifies complicated content and delivers something you want to spend time with. Refreshed brands are her specialty.



The Money Guy

Billing questions? Eric answers them. He also pays staff, our taxes, and helps us decide what to invest in. By day, he does mortgages. So if you're looking to buy a new property? Eric is your man. 



Video & Social Content

The newest member to the Brand & Buzz team, Justin does brilliant video editing. Looking for a fresh take on your content? Justin will dazzle you. 



Public Strategy

​Sophie is our public strategy intern.

She has a passion for human rights

and is majoring in International Affairs with a minor in Spanish at The George Washington University. 

Selma TAHERTI..jpg


Global Marketing

Selma brings international marketing expertise and works from her home in Algeria. An entrepreneur working in sustainable fashion, we are exited to have her guidance on international programs.




His passion is sports, but he's gifted at writing, public relations and social. Topher loves interntaional travel is also fluent in Spanish.   



Special Project Manager

Jess has hustle. Do you want to sell more products? Make more money? Grow your membership? Jess has incredible drive and ideas. She manages special projects for Brand & Buzz. 



Office Dog

Every office needs a dog. That barking you occasionally hear during Zooms is Summer offering her opinion. She is also a great excuse to take a walk in the middle of the day.