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We move at speed to deliver results for you. 

Testimonials & Case Studies

Don't take our word for it - see what our clients have to say about our partnership. Click to download the case study on project results. Questions about how we work? Give us a call.


Brand & Buzz made our vision of becoming a preeminent voice in the U.S.-Japan relationship a reality. They built a brand that communicated our values and communications connecting us with our audiences.

- Admiral Dennis Blair, Sasawaka USA

I love working with Suzy, especially her energy and creativity. We were often short-staffed and Suzy was able to jump in, become part of the team and get the results we needed.

- Mitsue Morita, Embassy of Japan

Suzy is enthusiastic! She makes your passion her passion. She is fun, creative and absolutely delightful to work with. Everyone at our office as well as our volunteers out in the field love having her as part of our team. Brand & Buzz helped us grow our membership.

- Christine Lathrop, AUSA


Brand & Buzz is brilliant at taking a big concept with massive content and many moving parts and turning it into a defined communications strategy. They listened then took action when we were stuck. The team was extremely responsive and successfully met our big goals within our budget.

- Kristen Wheeden,

United Porphyrias Association


Brand & Buzz gave us solid strategic guidance as we navigated grants, publicity, and growing our business. We loved working together.


We could not have coordianted Sea Cadets from around the country without Brand & Buzz. They organized media training, press interviews and helped us grow our most important initiative.

 - Kate McIlvaine, Sea Cadets

- Audra Blanchfield, Survey CTO


I worked closely with Suzy and her team to expand the social media impact of Veterans for American Ideals, especially in creating a space for veterans to raise their voices as positive affirmational forces to bring a sense of civility and respect back to the national dialogue. She and her team were tremendous – understanding the space, how to and think through strategies that are most effective.

- Scott Cooper

Vets for American Ideals

Brand & Buzz was a huge help during the launch of our book. From attending events to setting up interviews, they were an integral part of our team.

- Lisa Guernsey

Brand & Buzz helped us fund our dream. I'm a teacher. They helped us raise money, set up our website and establish my school. Now instead of "aging out" my Autistic students can have a meaningful day.

- Janet Mino 

Brand & Buzz was hired to give us some strategic guidance with a public relations issue. Their energy and ideas helped us transform our volunteer organization. Plus, they were fun to work with. Highly recommend this team!

- Shelly Marshall

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

Image by kim hyounn

Brand & Buzz worked with me on launching my book, The Dog Who Took Me Up a Mountain. I've hiked the highest peaks in the world, I've never launched a book. I'd work with them again.

- Rick Crandall

Rick Crandall and Emme the Aussie.JPG

Wow. Just wow. Our new website is a miracle. We are so happy with the work Brand & Buzz did. Thank you for helping us create something gorgeous.

- Caran Mahar, Camp Sundown

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